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With the Locals x Brooklyn Bicycle Co. : San Francisco

Over the next year, we’re teaming up with our pals over at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. to create a bike-friendly local-approved travel guide. You know the drill. Each month, we’ll be featuring a new city, a new local, some beautiful bikes, and lots of amazing spots - right here on WithTheLocals.co



We're psyched to have such a positive powerhouse show us around this month - Fitness and Lifestyle blogger and Digital Media Maven, Joanne of @gofitjo. She keeps us motivated, inspired and honest. She's the real deal. 

"I'm a fun loving wife and mother of 2 based out of the SF Bay Area! Living an active and healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for everyone. I love to blog and share my personal stories on both my accomplishments and failures, you can't have one without the other. I have this sick obsession with burpees and reusable water bottles, especially S'well Bottles. And my guilty pleasure happens to be Lindsay Lohan movies."

Like most adventures you start with coffee or tea whatever fits your jam, but for me there’s nothing that kicks off the day right like a cup of cold brew.


(at Sightglass Coffee)

This little gem has items on their menu inspired by the co-owner Eric Lilavois' dairy and gluten intolerance so you’ll find items here that are thoughtful, fresh, and simple. My favorites are the Bibimbap and the Korean Style Grilled Beef. Both delicious and pairs well with their rose.


(at Little Gem)

A fun little boutique in Hayes Valley that’s curating and pioneering this urban prep style that’s been emerging on the scene. Some of my favorite things I find there is the jewelry. I always have a hard time finding delicate pieces that I can pair with my street style looks and they always seem to nail it!

(at Seldom Seen)

Getting around SF can be a little tough with a car due to all the traffic and congestion but maneuvering through to get to some of my favorite places to see and watch is easy on bike. If you drive into SF like we do, park the cars at Chrissy Field and just ride until you get under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s such a majestic and humbling feeling to be underneath such a beautiful structure.

(A ride from Chrissy Field to Fort Point)

I feel like I can’t put to words how exciting and cool it is to ride on the Golden Gate Bridge. You have the cars whizzing by on one side of you and the winds and ocean on the other side as you ride underneath the giant peaks of the bridge. As a kid my parents always took their visitors to see the Golden Gate bridge and I definitely did not appreciate it then as much as I do now.

(at Golden Gate Bridge)

After a ride the Almond Butter & Honey open faced sandwich with a green juice is the perfect refuel for any adventure.

(at As Quoted)

Bad ass ballerina. It’s probably the best way I can describe this place in 3 words. The owner Nini Guenco wanted to find a way to incorporate her dance background into formating a barre class with choreography and she did it here with Avant-Barre.

(at Avant Barre)

A place that embodies ethnic confusion and palette diversity through explosive flavors. In case you're wondering pictured is a Cajun chicken bowl with hints of Indian and Cajun flavors made with fresh and local ingredients. BOMB DOT COM!

(at Eat Dabba)

An all around pilates, barre, and yoga studio who specializes in sculpting bodies in SF one tiny movement at a time! I try to incorporate different forms of fitness into my regular scheduled weight training and barre and pilates always gets me to engage other muscles groups I never realized existed. Try their booty barre class, it’ll get your buns burning.

(at Mint Studios)

One of my favorite places to escape to in SF. The sunsets here are magical and unreal and there’s something extremely beautiful about these ruins. It’s like something man made years ago tried to obstruct this beautiful view and nature (or a fire) said, “Nope..don’t think so.”

(at Sutro Baths)

After a long day sometimes a simple cup of Jo in the quieter part of town is all you need. Located in the outer Sunset this is one of those places you can just retreat to.

(at Andytown Coffee Roasters)

I’m a girl who likes to shop, but I also love and appreciate the beauty of nature and plants. Flora Grubb Gardens is such a great place to find all your horticulture heart’s desires. You’ll find interesting arrangement for both inside and around your home. And true to SF this place has a coffee shop located on the inside. We bring the girls here once in a while to make succulent arrangements for our home, it’s so much fun and therapeutic.  


(at Flora Grubb Gardens)

This city is so bike friendly, except for the crazy hills. But you can get anywhere on your bike and it’s probably the best way to get around and avoid traffic and parking tickets!

(at Hayes Valley)

Beautiful photography by Jonathan Encarnacion @encarnacionphotography!

A big shoutout thank you to Cognition Cyclery for helping this month!

Be sure to follow @gofitjo for more locally loved SF spots. Check out Brooklyn Bicycle Co.  for beautiful bikesevents, and more information. And of course we love love love to see where you venture, so share with us your favorite places to cruise to on your bike - #localxbrooklynbikeco