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With the Locals x Brooklyn Bicycle Co. : WASHINGTON D.C.

Over the next year, we’re teaming up with our pals over at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. to create a bike-friendly local-approved travel guide. You know the drill. Each month, we’ll be featuring a new city, a new local, some beautiful bikes, and lots of amazing spots - right here on WithTheLocals.co.

Hey all. @tamon_ here taking you through Washington, D.C. via my lens. I moved to D.C. from Western Canada in 2013. I came for grad school, for love, and for life, and I’m happy to call D.C. my home. In three short years the city has changed before my eyes - some say for good, others say for bad – some are just happy to be along for the ride. // @brooklynbikeco @withthelocals 

(at Malcolm X Park)

I tend to hang around @UnionMarketDC because it feels like home. Food, friends, events and more. A collection of culture and history #UnionMarket has everything you could need. I take many of my subjects around here to shoot. Abundant with textures and feels, a photographers paradise.

(at Union Market)

@mrbrainwash said it best – “Follow your heart”. If you do that, all other things will follow. I try not to think of my work isn’t hard word. I consider it “Heart Work”. Let all things come from a places of peace, love, happiness – and you can never fail.

(at Union Market)

@bistroBohemDC has a tiny place in my heart. I ate brunch here with my groomsmen before my wedding. I guess you could call it my last meal. Yes, they gave us shots on the house – they knew.

(at Bistro Bohem

A quick ride from my Usual @unionmarketDC hangout. I pop by H-street for some quick eats or my usual @maketto1351 chill. H-Street, one of the last remaining spaces for all races, cultures, and people in this city makes it a home for all things creative. It’s not so much one particular restaurant or bar, it’s a feeling. The street has a feeling, the air has a feeling, the streets have a feeling.

(at H - Street)

Shaw neighborhood is the tip of the iceberg - displacement started here. My wife and I spend time in this neighborhood because her family lives here. @theroyal_dc is new, but true.

(at The Royal)

One of closest friend in the city is @carlnard (and past Local). We connected through @instagram and have never looked back. A fellow creative, conscious community member and organizer, the kind of person everyone in the district should know. He’s gunna run for office one day – he just doesn’t know it yet.

(at Eastern Market)

One of the most authentic workspaces in the District, @localeworkspace is a creator’s dream. A co-working space for the modern entrepreneur, connected to the city, and the people who will lead it. Locale is the heart of everything local.

(at Locale Workspace)

The best part of being an entrepreneur is defining your business, your space, and your vision. The culture you create internally is a reflection of the culture you represent externally. We want to feel like family to our clients, so our office feels like home. // @framebridge

(at Creative Theory HQ)

@thisisjamesj, the first digital friend I made when I moved the D.C. Neither of us were taking photography seriously at the time, but we forged ahead like pioneers do. Now where here at the studios – where creative unite.

(at O Street Studios)

Conventional wisdom tells you to get a big whip and drive it real fast. Thankfully I was able to put that idea in the past. // @Brooklynbikeco

(at Lab1270)

A ten minute walk from my office. Jimmy T’s is without complexity or contempt. The necessities I would call it.

(at Jimmy T's)

Be sure to follow Tamon for more locally loved D.C. spots. Check out Brooklyn Bicycle Co. for beautiful bikes, events, and more information. And of course we love love love to see where you venture, so share with us your favorite places to cruise to on your bike - #localxbrooklynbikeco