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With the Locals x Brooklyn Bicycle Co : Pasadena

Over the next year, we’re teaming up with our pals over at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. to create a bike-friendly local-approved travel guide. You know the drill. Each month, we’ll be featuring a new city, a new local, some beautiful bikes, and lots of amazing spots - right here on WithTheLocals.co



Pasadena has such a large melting pot of culture it's easy to get pulled in one direction today and another direction tomorrow. It's so rich in history. There are some places that seem like they've been stuck in their own generation and I love that about this city.

Whether they've lived here for generations or they just moved in recently there's a sense of pride the locals have about their community. While many cities have residents that go outside their city limits to hang out and have fun, Pasadenans are plenty content with what's right down the street from their front door.

I love everything that involves food and fashion. Traveling is not optional for me. I secretly love styling more than taking photos sometimes. I am nothing without coffee in the morning and boba in the evening. I don't care for receiving flowers but I absolutely love taking photos of them.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. - Willow 7 Columbia Blue

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. - Willow 7 Columbia Blue

The perfect break for a perfect ride.

(at Cafe De Leche)

Don’t mind me. I’m right where I need to be.

(at South Pasadena)

One of my favorite places to eat.

(at Communal)

Pasadena is known to have a lot of brick walls. That’s why I fell in love with the city at first.

Gorgeous library. When the sun sets, the color of the building looks super golden. I’m all about that shadow and light.

(at Public Library South Pasadena)

My secret Pasadena gem. Who knew they’d plant a garden right in the middle of the city?

(at Arlington Garden)

Co-exist 🚲

There’s something about the lighting around this church that keeps me coming back.

Why spend money on a European vacation when we have places like this?

(at Pasadena City Hall)

So blue can’t miss it. Very cozy inside.

(at Cafe De Leche)

Just cruisin’ on by.

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