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Mixtape Vol. 1 : Seattle

Mixtape Vol. 1 : 


by Nelle Clark

Wikipedia: A mixtape (also mix-tape or mix tape) is a home-made compilation of music (typically copyrighted songs taken from other sources) recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a cassette tape, though later replaced by CD or MP3 playlist formats. The songs can be sequential, or by beatmatching, the songs and creating overlaps and fades between the end of one song and the beginning of another the tape may become a seamless whole. Compilations may include a selection of favorite songs or music linked by theme or mood, perhaps tailored to the tape's intended recipient.

With that said… So very excited to introduce our new music feature - City Mixtapes. In the endless pursuit of making everything more fun, duh! Playlists! Think back to the first time someone made you a mixtape. It was the most thrilling moment of your life and you damn well know it. Just raise your hand if you don’t like mixes. Then get out of here because we just don’t have time for that negativity.

Kicking off City Mixtape Vol. 1 - our lovely Seattle tour guide! Nelle Clark put together this playlist of all the songs that make her thinking of, love on, crush on, wander to, dream about, generally have all the feels about Seattle. 

The Rules...

  1. On your first listen, press 'play', do not shuffle and do not skip. Relax, ride the wave.
  2. You don't have to actually be in Seattle. You can literally be anywhere and still listen to this mix. It literally works anywhere. Literally. 
  3. Do not speak poorly of John Cusack or High Fidelity, book or movie. Again, we don't need that type of negativity around here. 

Big thank you to  Nelle for giving us something to groove to over the weekend! Hope you guys enjoy!